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Our Window Technology



Kensington HPP Heat Mirror

Check out these great videos on our heat mirror glass technology, available exclusively through Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions.


Empire State Building Window Replacement

The high performance glass used in the Empire State Building is the same that’s used in our Kensington window line. Check out these videos and see how every window in the Empire State Building was made 400% more efficient using their existing glass.


Kevin Surace Talks Super Insulated Windows


Our Insulation Technology

The Big Burn

See how Cellulose Insulation helps keep your home safer during a fire.

eShield Radiant Barrier

See how radiant barriers can make your home more comfortable.


Dense Pack Insulation

What really goes on inside your wall when dense pack insulation. This a great video that shows the correct way and not correct way of dense pack insulation.


Cellulose vs Fiberglass Insulation Sound Proofing Demonstration

A great video that shows the drastic difference between cellulose and fiberglass for sound control.


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