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Roof Maxx Winona

Roof Maxx® Spray-On Roofing Treatment for Homes in Winona, MN

Roof Maxx Winona MNIn the same way that a moisturizer can extend the youthful appearance of a person’s skin, Roof Maxx® can restore the like-new appearance of your home’s roof and keep it looking great for years. This revolutionary, plant-based spray-on treatment can help you postpone a costly roof replacement by restoring your asphalt roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection, and it’s available from Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions for homes in Winona, Minnesota.

Benefits of Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is considered an eco-friendly technology that can significantly reduce the huge amount of roofing waste that goes into landfills. As your aging roof endures intense sun exposure, rain and snow, and seasonal temperature changes, the asphalt shingles will typically lose some of the petroleum-based oil they were manufactured with. This can make them become dry, brittle, and susceptible to cracking—thus undermining their appearance and ability to protect your home from precipitation. This can lead to roof failure and the need for replacement.

Having Roof Maxx professionally applied to your roof can:

  • Extend its life by five years or more—and repeated applications may be able to prolong its viability for even longer
  • Restore the rich color of your roof so that it has a like-new appearance you can be proud of
  • Cost much less than a complete roof replacement

The first step toward getting a professional spray-on application of Roof Maxx for your home in the Winona area is to schedule a free consultation and roof inspection by the experts at Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions. We’ll be happy to tell you more about Roof Maxx and evaluate your roof to see if it’s a candidate for this rejuvenating shingle treatment.

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