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Maximum energy savings. Largest glass areas of any door in the industry – allowing for a great view of the outdoors.


Maximum Energy Savings With The Largest Glass Areas Of Any Door In The Industry…

Our patio door gives you the maximum in energy savings, yet still has one of the largest glass areas of any door in the industry – allowing for a great view of the outdoors.

Available in five stock sizes, it can also be custom made to fit virtually any opening.  Strength, durability and ease of operation are only a few of the exciting features on our patio door.

A patio door must be easy to operate, but it also needs to be very secure.  With a keyed lockset, thumb-turn deadbolt and kick lock, there are three totally separate locking points to ensure your family’s security.

The substantial amount of glass in a patio door means that you need an energy-efficient door to help minimize drafts.  Vista offers a variety of dual and triple-glazed options to suit any climate and budget.

Clear Choice Energy Solutions patio doors are available in white, tan or five interior woodgrains and twelve exterior colors.  There are also a variety of hardware colors and finishes to help you design the perfect patio door for your home.

Patio Door Features

  • Heavy-duty, reinforced main frame
  • Thermally efficient vinyl sill available in white, tan and aluminum-look laminate
  • Heavy-duty screen with rollers top and bottom for easy operation
  • Custom sizing available to create the perfect fit for your home
  • Full-length interlock system for door panels at the meeting rail
  • Superior noncorrosive, composite roller system
  • 5 ¼” jamb thickness, perfect for replacement applications
  • Standard 5’, 6’ and 8’ two-panel and 9’ and 12’ three-panel doors
  • White, Tan, Nickel, Brass, Antique Brass and Dark Bronze hardware is available

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