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Is your roof aging, don’t replace it, GoNano it!

Whether your roof is new or a few decades old it’s time to protect it and extend the life of it for up to 15 extra years. Using nanotechnology GoNano extends the life of shingles, concrete, wood and more.

About nanotechnology

Our nanotechnology is not a sealant: GoNanos microscopic particles are 30,000X smaller than a human hair allowing it to penetrate into the surface where it modifies and enhances the molecular structure of your shingles, wood and concrete to keep them lasting for years to come.

  • 10% – 15% the cost of a new roof
  • Extend the lifespan of roofs 5 to 15 years for roofs 0-20 plus years old
  • Transforms your Unrated/Class 1 shingles into Class 3 or 4 for increased hail resistance
  • Reduces granular loss
  • Increases wind resistance by up to 3 Wind Resistance Class levels
  • Makes surfaces hydrophobic: Meaning water beads up and runs off your roof rather than soaking in, which improves water evacuation from roof, reducing ice dams
  • Cleans and prevents algae
  • Rejuvenate the flexibility needed in shingles.
  • Regenerates color
  • Will NOT affect any existing roof warranties.
  • Protects against UV rays saving your roof from further deterioration for years to come.

GoNano is the only company PROVEN under both main Standards Organizations (UL and ASTM) with the technology to transform the Hailstorm Resistance of asphalt shingles, keeping your treated surfaces fully protected from the elements

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Rain, or shine. Hailstorms, or heavy winds. Our GoNano roof application has you covered.

1. Shingle Saver

2. Single Evolution

3. Hail Test

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