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Common Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Sep 08, 2023

Windows are one of the many ways to see in or outside your home. Of course, that’s seen as the main reason why windows exist. However, your windows do more than provide you with a view of the outside world.

A home’s windows provide plenty of other benefits, such as natural light, ventilation, privacy, security, and protection from outdoor noises, the elements, and bugs. If your windows have seen better days, you may be wondering if it’s time to call the experts at Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions for window replacement.  Let’s go over a few of the signs you should look for.

The Signs to Upgrade

Window replacement is necessary for home improvement, especially if you live in an older home. If your home still has its original windows, you’re missing out on critical upgrades that provide significant benefits to your home. Still, if you need a sign to replace your windows, here’s what you should look for on your current windows.

Energy Costs

For Clear Choice, this is the most significant sign. Temperature loss through windows is responsible for almost 30% of your home’s heating and cooling use. Take your current energy bill and imagine what it would look like if it were 30% less – that speaks for itself.

Drafts and Air Leaks

If you feel any drafts or air coming into your home through the windows, critical seals have deteriorated to the point where they are ineffective at insulating your home. Window replacement will ensure those drafts and air leaks are eliminated.

Condensation and Fogging

If condensation and fog are getting between the glass panes of your windows, that’s another sign of seal failure that must be addressed immediately to help reduce energy loss.

Difficulty in Closing or Opening

We’ve all seen the “renter’s special” homes where enough paint has been sloshed on the windows to make them near impossible to open or close. If being able to utilize your windows often is essential, replacing windows that cannot open must be done.

Visible Damage and Decay

Like any other part of your home, the quality of your windows will decay and deteriorate over time. Cracks, chips, water damage, broken panes of glass, and any other type of damage are clear signs that window replacement is in your future.

Increased Noise

Windows are also an effective means of reducing noise pollution. The outside world can be noisy, especially if you live near a crowded street or in a neighborhood with children. Broken windows mean you’ll hear many more birds chirping, dogs barking, and kids yelling.

Need New Windows? The Choice is Clear.

Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions has your back with our window replacement services. Our fine selection of vinyl-framed windows provides homeowners with style and functionality at affordable prices. Considering our expertise, we know that giving customers the best experience and products possible is expected. That’s why we’ve worked diligently to ensure our reputation is spotless and worth bragging about to others. If it’s time to upgrade your old windows, contact Clear Choice Window & Home Solutions today!

The Choice is Clear
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